17 Wish :The childhood wonder


The childhood wonder

“Please God I want to see my friend” a voice was saying in the little room of the orphanage. It was the voice of a little girl who was separated from her friend many years. She was only 6 years, when her friend was taken far away to stay with a family outside of the city. She didn’t know anything about her friend till now when God heard her prayer. The doorbell was ringing after just one day from that honest wish prayer and now at the door after so long time there she was, her friend from the childhood time right there in from of her eyes, both crying of happiness.


16 Wish :Friendship with wings



It was flying around searching for food. It was tired and hungry when suddenly finds a window were an old lady was putting slow and joyful food for birds. It flows for a while and then had the courage to fly till the window. The old lady stood for a second smile at the little black hungry bird and put more food. This way the little bird got a new friend, the old lady every day for many years was opening in morning the window waiting the little bird to feed it. Not only humans get the wishes come sometimes true it becomes true even the wishes of the little birds too.

15 Wish:The winter hat

2016-01-12 15.55.42It was not more than -26 degrees when, our frozen student who was walking hard in the snow said:” I wish I had a hat, my head is freezing in this cold. The student was far away from his country were been hot and beautiful He had no winter clothes and no resistant to the new country weather He had to move for a while to study architecture for a better future for his family. He was going home in that crazy cold and the only wish that came in his head was: to have a warm hat for that winter. Few day later a classmate came to him and put in his hands not only one but two hats and this way his little frozen wish got answer from heaven.


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