14 Wish:The hard lesson ..

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It was afternoon when an old lady decided to go for a walk in the town, not after many minutes she went for a little visit in her old friend house who accepted gladly the unexpected visit from her. She was a cute young lady with 2 beautiful kids and all she had in her food closet putted on a plate to serve our old lady.few pieces of bread and some old cookies that she was holding for her kids. The old lady realized how big was their heart to serve her with everything they had just for her to enjoy the little visit. After few days in front of the door of this family was again this old nice lady in an unexpected visit but this time it was different her hands were full of food and sweets and share back the joy and the kindness that few days back had learned from the beautiful young family.

13 Wish:THE SONG OF …dark night

Dark night ..



The night already came over a communist neighborhood, when an old lady was wondering on the streets with her grandchild searching for a piece of bread. It was very dark outside and the winter cold already started to enter in their bones Their search was precise every trash can that they could find with some food even a piece of dry bread would’ve been great for their empty stomach. -Grandma, I m hungry I wish this year to eat some sweets too not only dry bread says the little kid who came from school with empty stomach. He was 8 years old and his grandmother send him to school to learn more and to become somebody one day She knew that learning it was a priority for his life. With the little pension she had was trying all the time to make a little food packages for him bu, this time it wasn’t any food left in the fridge. She never tried the trash can in her life, but now the hunger put her to go over her bride of woman and to search something to eat for her grandson. His parents were no long alive and she had to have him since he was only 5 years old. Stepping forward in the darkness, she started to pray:Please God, take care of us this month too…she didn’t even finish the prayer when she saw something white next to the next trash can It was a bag near it full with sweets and bread and other goodies. They took it very fast and on their way home, the little boy was jumping and was joyful that his little Wish became so rapidly true.

Psalm 37:5-7King James Version (KJV)

Commit thy way unto the Lord; trust also in him; and he shall bring it to pass.

And he shall bring forth thy righteousness as the light, and thy judgment as the noonday.

Rest in the Lord, and wait patiently for him: fret not thyself because of him who prospereth in his way, because of the man who bringeth wicked devices to pass.

if have a story a miracle in your life that you want to share please ,

write it in the comments..


with joy,

Esther R.

12 Wish-From Spain with Love


12 Wish-From Spain with Love


Joy was the name of a little girl who didn’t had to many things but she was all the time joyful and full of life. Her parents were never rich so if she wanted something, she was always getting things from second hand stores from friends or neighbors. The fall ,was coming and she saw beautiful boots at one girl at her school and she wanted so much to have  brown boots like her’s. She realized that the parents did not had the money for new brown boots but she remembered how many times her grandmother was telling her how God gave her many things when there were hard times and  when she was little and the war started the country and there was no food or clothes. The girl remembered that her grandmother was praying a lot for things and those things appeared in her life .When sometimes wanted s bread or some clothes ,God always was sending somebody with something good.Our girl wanted to try her faith in this big God that grandmother was talking about and she said a small prayer:God I want brown new Boots. In one morning her mother came in her room with a box, your ant send you this package for you : On the box was written :From Spain with Love and inside the beautiful new brown boots. God even if we are kids,He still can hear our wishes.


If you saw in your life that your wishes became true tell us in the comment your little story :


with Joy


11 Wish-The empty Bank Card



It was winter and outside was very cold, and our friend from the story he was hungry and penniless in the pockets. He was looking for a job for many months and now the social help was giving him few dollars on month ,but this day it was one of those days when were no money anywhere: nothing in the pocket, nothing in the card. Now he was just  walking in the cold and looking at the stores full of good hot food and hot tea and chocolate.He was sitting in front of the windows admiring the beauty of the food. He was so sure that nothing good will happen in his life and he was really close to give up and kill himself .He lost house and family friends and all his clothes. He was all alone. He was feeling helpless and no good for this world he was just walking alone in the deep snow.The night was over town and he was still walking far away from the place where he was sleeping sometimes in the winter. This evening was to become  a special evening, he remembered that he went in a small church once,where people were saying that on earth was a man Jesus who did miracles to people specially poor people like him .While the boy was walking  suddenly from his mouth came those words :God if you are real and you can do miracles please put on my  bank card 10 dollars , I do not ask too much, just 10 dollars to eat something tonight and after that to die. He went in front of a bank and when he looked on the screen was not 0.00 anymore now was $60.


Have you been in a situation of not having too much money and God to send some money to you ?

Please write your story in the comments.

With joy,


10Wish-A simple couch

10-Wish-A simple couchzen-bbk-pux-csb-adc124-main

It was a sunny day and a beautiful young couple was searching for a couch. They were young but with limited money and after they search in many stores for a beautiful but good price too, the young woman got sad and said in her thoughts: God I wish a new beautiful black couch under 100 euros. And after few hours of searching getting closer to their house the visit the last small store with furniture. There was waiting for them their beautiful black couch with 79euroso just for them. Wow what a joy was for the young couple see the exactly what they wished from God.


Did you had an experience like this ? Did it happened to you too? Please comment your story below.in comments .



With joy


9 Wish-Food or no food


2015-12-12 22.02.46

Many times we believe that everything we have we deserve.Like being able to drink or to eat is very easy for many but not for our dear friend from the story.

She couldn’t eat for few days cause she was feeling sick and weak .And the doctors to make her better they recomanded a surgery .The surgery went well but the body was to weak to accept the food it was a hard work for her even trying to drink a tee.It was hard the first 2-3 times but she remember that her mother told her to ask always God’s help.

And in the darkness of the room shining inside only the lights of the street she said wish to God like a little prayer:God help me to eat !And she started in the silence of night a song with her weak voice saying ..Why should i be afraid you are with me God..!

Few minutes later she tried again to eat first a little spoun of yougurt,a little spoun of tee..and in few hours she finish even a plate of soup.

In life we think everything is normal to have but we do not realize how important things are like eatting ,drinking.   Come today in front of God and say thank you that you can eat ,sleep or drink..water.

If a miracle happened to you this month share it in comments let us know that God makes miracles in the 2015 in an modern world too.


With joy,









8 Wish-The Song



Keila was just a little girl who loved to sing all day .Her wish was to sing in front of many people and make them feel the music ,the way she was feeling it.For her ,singing was like playing in the garden with dolls.She was singing many times to her sick grandmother and sometine to her mother or friends.One day the the music teacher heard Keila singing in the clasroom and she decided to put little cute Kaila in the big school choir .

Years later ,Kaila was preparing her first song in front of 1500 people in a big Christmas concert.God is hearing our wish and makes it big in time if we have the patience to wait and believe .

Do you have a old wish become true later?

Tell us in the comment your little story.

with joy ,